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About: cody. 23.
english major.

reading. writing. sports. television. video games. dogs.

questions? just ask.

"you live and learn. at any rate, you live."


Cobras made a thing.  

New single “Never Been in Love” feat. Icona Pop out 8/25! 🐍🚀


The Thinker by Auguste Rodin x Drake thinking about Nicki’s ass in Anaconda.

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who wore it better? 


Barron Storey. One of the greats.

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you’re like the ambulance streaking across
the cold tar outside my driveway

you’re a siren but you’re not mine,
you’re not steering down the gravel to
the smoke-thick tightness in my chest,

and even though your hands over his heart
might save his life, it makes my stomach
a unique swirl of smog-haze-greed and
love in the emergency vehicle rearview mirror

except i don’t think it’s larger than your eyes
would lead you to believe and if you smile
when you bring him back, would you believe
me lighting my cigarette as the red and blue
trails of light hang briefly in the air outside
my driveway, believe that i find the taste of ash
a winning proposition?

red and blue by cody gravelle


this is important please spread

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Her name is Soot


Her name is Soot

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you make me forget all the terrible things that are happening in the world.

i’m not sure if that’s good or bad.


true friendship is being comfortable enough to openly discuss pornography with each other

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